At Cube Theory, we conduct primary and secondary applied research to create real world scenarios that are workable for our clients. Our methods provide data that directly relates to our client’s individualized problems. We use a combination of advanced technologies, customized models and proven methods to ensure the most precise accuracy in our findings.

Our qualitative research methods encompass a variety of methods of traditional in-person interactions with the most up to date online techniques. With the use of mobile technologies, our team can capture instantaneous data from real-time activities. Our techniques allow us to gather the most precise results from expanding broad public inquiries to focused, small, private groups while maintaining low operational costs.

Our quantitative research methods customize a variety of phone and online surveys that correlate to advanced algorithms to detect paradigms missed by traditional methods alone. Our technologies allow our team to distribute survey data with precision in high volume. Our time to formulate results is significantly reduced from conventional methods.

Although our research team is willing and capable of conducting research projects of all types to meet our client’s needs our general focus is in the following areas:

Ethnographic Research

By carrying out research within the user’s natural environment, our team can provide clients with relationship data by identifying critical habits and behaviors affecting the direction of innovation.

Market Segmentation

We work to identify the need and align client offerings to enhance consumer value with the various market segments.

Product Testing

We conduct a variety of product testing from labs to real-life application to identify consumer need in an attempt to improve the user experience.

Budget Cycle

By examining the budget process along with the past and present activity, we can assist clients in accurately planning future activities to achieve desired results.

Investment Analysis

Our team works to identify our client’s current exposure, capabilities and needs to develop workable business portfolio strategy.

Negotiation Preparation

We provide our clients with critical data required to making a sound negotiation.