Leaders come in all forms. Some are excellent speakers and motivators. Others are sales leaders. There are those who can diagram a great story. We also encounter the great organizers. Truth be told, each of these attributes alone only get the job partially complete.

Great leaders must master three primary abilities. It is critical to understand how and when to use each ability to maximize it’s fullest potential.

To Be A Visionary– is the foremost important ability of a great leader. They must see past the functions and barriers of today and see a path to the potential of tomorrow. More importantly, they must understand the limits of being a visionary.

Leaders without a vision are simply people with the ability to command a disaster. Then there are those who cannot put their ideas on pause long enough to take any useful action. A real leader has learned how to balance this ability.

To Focus– requires leaders to pick an optimal path based on logical reasoning. Of course, this ability will end if failure if they are unable to embrace distractions, overcome barriers and stay the course.

Many leaders fail to define their focus and, therefore, find them self always searching the market for a clear path. In the end, the company is exhausted of financial resources.

Able To Execute-is the ability to successfully address the question of how. Regardless of changing factors, these leaders can successfully adapt their actions to obtain the highest results.

Regardless if you are a believer in natural born leaders or that the skills of a real leader can be taught the simple fact of the matter is without the ability to envision the future, focus and execute no other power that a leader possess will matter.

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