Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right people. The most effective marketers deliver a single message to large masses for pennies on the dollar.

What Great Marketers Don’t Do

  • Create content without an objective and clear focus
  • Exhaust their budget blanketing social networks with paid ads
  • Expend efforts marketing to unknown demographics

Great Marketers

Success in marketing begins with accurate research. Many entrepreneurs take great pride in nuances surrounding their product. Most voice these attributes at the time of their lungs hoping someone is listening.

Those who have perfected the craft have focused their efforts are learning people. Their marketing efforts are successful because their research is relevant and actionable. This type of research is not completed through reading alone. Research of this caliber is constructed by staying in the loop.

  • Reading what the customer reads
  • Going where the customer goes
  • Doing, what the customer does
  • Interacting with the customers and their influencers
  • Notating, the subtle differences in behaviors between demographics

Staying in the loop sheds light on the direct path with the least resistance to the largest pool of potential leads for the lowest cost. If this practice is done correctly and actively your most concise and accurate message is created for you. The accuracy in your delivery becomes indisputable. Your ROI begins to exceed all expectations.

To validate how valuable staying in the loop is to your business go out and try to buy the perfect birthday gift for the high school classmate that you have not seen in 20 years.

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