Rebuttal techniques are a common place in sales training across the globe. Rebuttals are a result of barriers created by you in your approach to a potential sale. The need to resort to rebuttals can be traced back to a few common errors common to sales today.

  • Poor market research
  • Incorrect expectations
  • Incorrectly structured incentive programs
  • Weak sales strategy
  • Mismatch of product offering to need or desire

Avoiding Rebuttals

  • Take the time to learn your customer. It is not enough to know your product.
  • Set realistic and manageable expectations
  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Be straight forward and honest
  • Become adaptable and flexible

Keep in mind a sale tomorrow can be more valuable than one today. Not every person that crosses your path is or must be a customer. Some people make better messengers than customers.

Being an aggressive sales person does not mean push until you get your way. It means consistently work at your full potential. Build new opportunities for tomorrow as you focus on satisfying those of today. Establish clear and consistent behaviors in your sales activity and you will no longer have a need to use rebuttals.

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