“More Sales” echoes globally across executive offices of every industry. What they really mean is “More Profit.” Truth be told for many business owners shouting  “More Sales” is the only way they know how to achieve more profits.

Achieving more sales often comes with a permanent price tag through additional payroll and other operational costs. When the market becomes less favorable, your company faces extra expenses related to restructuring such as layoff expenses.

Maximizing Profits

Your company must become lean continuously work to stay that way. Optimizing your structure provides the best basis for a growth strategy. Unloading the excess from your organization ensures that your structure is ready and capable of handling new growth.

Look for Wasteful Patterns

Wasteful patterns can be found anywhere in your organization. Be crafty yet logical in your review beginning with the most common areas.

  • Utility Usage
  • Employee Benefit Abuse
  • Outdated Processes
  • Old Technology
  • Poorly Negotiated Deals
  • Unnecessary Travel, Meetings, & Misc. Charges
  • Poorly Designed Strategies (Especially In Sales & Marketing)

After Achieving a Lean Structure

Work your way into new sales starting from the most cost effective point of view.

Create new revenue streams from your current customer base.
Approach potential leads with similar demographics to your existing customer base within your current markets.
Branch into new markets with similar attributes as your current ones.

This progressive pattern will allow you to manage growth properly, maximize customer potential, and reduce cost in entering new markets improving your potential for long-term growth.

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