By now you have realized that the life of business is fast paced and non-stop. We all begin upbeat and ready to solve the world’s problems. Before long days turn into weeks, weeks into months, you close your eyes and when you reopen it’s a new year.

It’s Counter Productive

It seems to be ingrained into the entrepreneurial spirit that we feel the more hours we put towards our projects, the more successful we become. This could be no further from the truth.

What We Really Get

Costly short & long-term mistakes
Lost opportunities
Broken network relationships
Become blind to current & future barriers
Inability to accurately adapt or evolve with changing market factors

The Solution

Every quarter needs to have a 4-day weekend reserved for me time. This time is aside from standard family obligations. This time is designed for you to reset. During this time change your routine. Take yourself out of the norm. Learn what your mind and body crave.

For some this might be quiet time, reserving a cabin in the woods, sleeping in with short nature walks. Others might require a change in focus. Consider attending a cooking or art class.

However you decide to use your me time, make sure of two things.

It’s for you! And, you take it every quarter without failure!

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