March 21, 2016, Cube Theory, LLC released their 2016 website redesign. The new design brings an innovative new approach to consulting services, by offering two core programs Business Design and Business Development.

In this method, the company has consolidated its actions of marketing and management into a single adaptive process. Clients of any size or industry can accurately identify necessary milestones within their current project.

According to founder and CEO Joseph Silva, “We want to simplify client engagements. In doing so, we can reduce the cost to our clients and in turn, increase our accuracy in creating opportunity and obtaining long-term results.”

In addition to their two core products Cube Theory, LLC has outlined a specific listing of the short-term engagements. The company has identified that not every client needs an ongoing engagement with a consultant. These short engagements are designed to be a direct solution to common issues. To no surprise the company has kept to the core idea of individualism allowing, for clients, to create customized engagements specific to their needs.

Along with their core of consultancy the company has continued with education services, Gap Concepts. This program has remained unchanged at its core, offering workshops and seminars to business owners and employees on a subject not generally taught in traditional education environments. Most workshops and seminars range from 2-8 hours and are offered online and in person. A new curriculum leads the list of change to keep up the current needs of the market. The company plans to add new workshops and seminars as the demands of the market continue to change.

The company’s new format keeps in line with their core philosophy of maintaining a simple platform designed for clients as individuals not as faceless numbers at an affordable price. All of the company’s offerings are adaptable to any industry of any size. Their abilities reach a global scale, servicing clients across the globe. If you have not seen it yet, take the time to check out their new design at

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