Good Capital-Bad Capital

The search for capital resembles something of a home build kit without being provided the tools, directions or an image of the final product for reference. If you are not seeking capital for the right reasons or are not prepared your project will suffer. Think of capital like a pizza. The process to order a


Profits From Within

“More Sales” echoes globally across executive offices of every industry. What they really mean is “More Profit.” Truth be told for many business owners shouting  “More Sales” is the only way they know how to achieve more profits. Achieving more sales often comes with a permanent price tag through additional payroll and other operational costs.


Staying In The Loop Is A Must

Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right people. The most effective marketers deliver a single message to large masses for pennies on the dollar. What Great Marketers Don’t Do Create content without an objective and clear focus Exhaust their budget blanketing social networks with paid ads Expend efforts marketing to unknown

White Sands

Say Goodbye to Rebuttals

Rebuttal techniques are a common place in sales training across the globe. Rebuttals are a result of barriers created by you in your approach to a potential sale. The need to resort to rebuttals can be traced back to a few common errors common to sales today. Poor market research Incorrect expectations Incorrectly structured incentive


Three Functions of a Leader

Leaders come in all forms. Some are excellent speakers and motivators. Others are sales leaders. There are those who can diagram a great story. We also encounter the great organizers. Truth be told, each of these attributes alone only get the job partially complete. Great leaders must master three primary abilities. It is critical to


Every Quarter Is Me Time

By now you have realized that the life of business is fast paced and non-stop. We all begin upbeat and ready to solve the world’s problems. Before long days turn into weeks, weeks into months, you close your eyes and when you reopen it’s a new year. It’s Counter Productive It seems to be ingrained


Some Lessons Come From Life-Not Books

Young, foolish, know-it-all, eager for large profits describes me in the 90’s pretty well. By this time, I had already seen some success, selling off a few startups for steep profits. My next venture would teach me a series of lessons to last a lifetime. I had the bright idea begin selling a family salsa

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Disrupting the World Consulting-Cube Theory

March 21, 2016, Cube Theory, LLC released their 2016 website redesign. The new design brings an innovative new approach to consulting services, by offering two core programs Business Design and Business Development. In this method, the company has consolidated its actions of marketing and management into a single adaptive process. Clients of any size or